Sunday, January 3, 2010

DJ booked

Finally we got an answer from the DJ we have contacted regarding playing at our wedding. He was free the night of our wedding, but he is no more =)
We got the recommendation from Husby and after a look at his web page we decided to contact him. I think he will be a good choice who can play varied music at the party. And he fit into our budget as well! =)

Otherwise we are laying low with the wedding plans at the moment. We have been in contact with the goldsmith and her suggestion is within our budget. The only 'problem' as I see it is that she will turn my engagement ring into the wedding ring. I have been thinking about this and I think I would like two rings after all... I have some drawings of what it might be able to look like, so we will present them for her and see what she thinks. But it'll have to wait until next time we are there.

Sometimes it is not so fun to do the planning at a distance. Especially not if you want to do something NOW!

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