Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are getting some guests

All invitations where sent a couple of weeks ago, and now are the responses on their way. At the moment are we about 30 people, that is about the half of what we are expecting. We invited a bit more than 70 people but as always are there people who can't come.

All the planning is landing now as well. We have the menu ready and the drinks. We have a back-up if my flower project isn't successful. The DJ is booked and confirmed, the photographer is booked, just need to confirm as well as the car needs to be confirmed.
We have got confirmation about the priest and the cantor and will hopefully meet them next weekend. That weekend we will also meet with the hairdresser and the boarding kennel which will look after Jatsie during the wedding day. We will also meet with the pastry chef who will make our wedding cake. Ohhh I'm looking forward to that!! =)
Maybe we will be able to have a look at the ring as well.

The only thing that we don't have under control is my dress. I need to call the shop and ask when they expect it to arrive.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Invitations and Hens party

The planning is in full speed and we have quite a few things to put in place. We really need to send the invitations but to be able to do that there are a lot of things that has to be done first!
You need to have all the information about the wedding including
* Travel instructions
* Where people can stay overnight
* Toastmadame/master and their contact details (sorry that we phoned a hundred times to clear things out!) =)
* Wedding registry
* Wedding webpage (if you have one)

And that is not it, you also have to create the invitations or send them off to have them made for you. Gosh, we are fully booked this week. Hopefully we will be able to send the invitations early next week.

The wedding date is coming closer and we are really busy with others weddings and my birthday and stuff. I'm thinking a bit about the hen’s night. I know... I shouldn't do that =) but since I'm not so in favor of the 'go out and dance your shoes off' or eating on a fancy restaurant I would like to take the opportunity to hint my fellow readers about some activities I would enjoy ;)
You know, I have been thinking a lot about this and here are some, for me, nice things. I'm sorry if they do not count as the hippest things you can do.

* Yoga class (for beginners)
* Digital photographing class (flowers, landscape, animals)
* Go to a nice plant shop (for example Hörnsjöns Plantskola, Tuijas Växter or Ljungsleds plantskola) and shop up all the money reserved for the wedding.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Another small step towards the big day. We now have the florist booked and they will deliver the flowers to the site. It is just the bouquet and the corsage; all other flowers will be grown and arranged by us. The bouquet will look like a mix of these.

We also visited the gold smith and decided to start creating my ring. They will start with the gold ring and then I'll fit it and after that adding the stones. The ring will be a more petit version of this ring.

The underwear shopping was no big success. It ended with that I ordered my underwear at Asos and is now waiting for them to arrive. A wonder bra and spandex power panties =) Not the most wonderful to have under, but hopefully comfy.

We are also having discussions around the honeymoon. At the same time that we plan the wedding, we also renovate the kitchen. This renovation now threatening our budget for the wedding... it is not the wedding that is overrunning budget, but the kitchen! There for the honeymoon is under discussion. When is the big question and the other one is Where? And for How long?
Are we going for just a short trip this autumn or are we saving and going for a longer, but not too long or fancy trip in spring?? Well, we don't have to decide yet. Let’s see what the kitchen ends on first and then we can plan more seriously. We will know in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tubers on their way

The Dahlia tubers I have ordered from Rose Cottage Plants are on their way to Sweden. I found a lovely white Dahlia with a bit of lilac in the center. I think that will look really nice with the color theme.


I have also ordered a pure white and a couple of orange-gold Dahlias.

David Howard

More tubers and seeds will soon follow. It is exciting to try to grow your own wedding flowers =)

Plans for the weekend

We are going to the crime scene this weekend. So now we are booking different people to visit. First we will visit the florist and talk about the bouquet. I have printed at lot of images and have written down what I like and what I expect and what I don't like. I have written down colors and flower types. I think I have all covered =)

After that are we going to visit the gold smith and at last order my wedding ring. I'm excited and can't wait to try it on, even though that will be a couple of months in the future...

We where trying to book a visit at the cake-factory =) as well, but they only accept visitors on weekdays, so we have to plan going there another time. I think we have rather good view of what the cake will taste like, but the look of the cake is another matter...

We will also go looking for underwear for me. Something that is comfy under the wedding dress.

Well, the weekend is fully planned.
We haven't broken the budget yet and plans is going easy.
Wonder when something out of the blue will hit us? Maybe when we get the price suggestion for the honeymoon I'm planning... that will for sure break the budget!
And we actually have a problem. My work will force me to take three weeks’ vacation when I don't want to, which means that I don't have enough days to cover the honeymoon *sigh* we can't afford to go on unpaid vacation and I would hate to limit the honeymoon!
This means that we might postpone the honeymoon to next spring...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentinesday

14th of February, half a meter with snow and -4 degrees Celsius. Do you know that it is just 6 months!! to our wedding? Just half a year, time flies. I hope the weather is a bit (or much) warmer in August and the snow is exchanged with lot of flowers instead!

I wonder if we still are on track with the wedding plans... let see

Eight months before
• Book the photographer - Check
• Book entertainment - Check, DJ booked
• Register - Hm, I think in Sweden this has to be done no sooner than 3 month before the wedding
• Purchase a dress - I'll go measuring on Tuesday and order it after that. Exciting!
• Start meeting caterers - We have met with Husby Säteri and they will fix most things for us, but we'll still have to decide on a menu and how much flowers they should help us with.
• Reserve block of hotel rooms for guests - Check
• Launch a wedding website - We have started one, but it isn't launched yet. We want to wait until we are ready to send the invitations.

Six to seven months before
• Purchase invitations and hire a calligrapher - We will make our invitations ourselves. But I haven't ordered the paper for this yet... guess it is time to get started!
• Plan your honeymoon - Check, we have more or less decided, waiting for travel agency to come back with price suggestion and availability.
• Meet with the officiant - This have to wait a couple of more months. We hope to be able to meet him (yes, it will be a guy, not the officiant I was talking about in another post. She was on vacation when our wedding is to be) in May or something like that.
• Send save-the-date cards - Check, done a long time ago ;)
• Book a florist - Not done yet, but we will visit one within a couple of weeks.
• Procure transportation - We have our plans ready, just need to contact them and say which time he is needed.
• Start composing a day-of timeline - This isn't on paper yet, but I think we will have to start doing this soon =)

I also need to add that it is high time to start looking around for seeds and bulbs for the wedding flowers. Even though it doesn't look like spring outside my window it is high time to start sowing!
Off I am to look in seed catalogs =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fabric flowers

Oh, I found some really nice fabric flowers when I was surfing around for inspiration today. It'll take some time making a bunch, but I'll at least try with one =) If it turns out nice, then it might comes more...

You will find the tutorial for them here: Fabric Flowers.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you!

No, not at all, it is just that there are so much going on at the moment and I'm absolutely not in wedding planning mode. Anyway, a few things have happened since my last note (well.. shame if it hasn't it's sooo long since last time).

I have decided upon a ring =) and the goldsmith have come up with a price that is in our liking! So both a good looking, sparkling little thing and within our budget. It'll look something like this, but with much smaller stones and much more petit.

My engagement ring will be adapted so they will fit together.

We have also been looking and deciding cloths for the man to be. He looks gorgeous! Just look at this

Don't ask me what he is looking for =)

A close up of the details in the waistcoat.

The cravat is made from the same fabric that will be used in my wedding dress. The lilac color is not showing very good on photo :/

Yesterday we created a webpage about our wedding and started with the gift list, but none of this is public yet.

We have also been discussing about the honeymoon. Our first thought was to go on safari, but when we have discussed and looked at proposed routes it doesn't feel 100%. So I proposed that we should go to China instead, much since I liked it very much the first (and only) time I've been there, and my fiancé agreed that it could be nice, so we have been to a travel agency and collected some brochures. We might change our minds again, but at the moment I think both of us are rather excited about it. Doesn't this look inviting?

Hainan, China

Sunday, January 3, 2010

DJ booked

Finally we got an answer from the DJ we have contacted regarding playing at our wedding. He was free the night of our wedding, but he is no more =)
We got the recommendation from Husby and after a look at his web page we decided to contact him. I think he will be a good choice who can play varied music at the party. And he fit into our budget as well! =)

Otherwise we are laying low with the wedding plans at the moment. We have been in contact with the goldsmith and her suggestion is within our budget. The only 'problem' as I see it is that she will turn my engagement ring into the wedding ring. I have been thinking about this and I think I would like two rings after all... I have some drawings of what it might be able to look like, so we will present them for her and see what she thinks. But it'll have to wait until next time we are there.

Sometimes it is not so fun to do the planning at a distance. Especially not if you want to do something NOW!