Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plans for the weekend

We are going to the crime scene this weekend. So now we are booking different people to visit. First we will visit the florist and talk about the bouquet. I have printed at lot of images and have written down what I like and what I expect and what I don't like. I have written down colors and flower types. I think I have all covered =)

After that are we going to visit the gold smith and at last order my wedding ring. I'm excited and can't wait to try it on, even though that will be a couple of months in the future...

We where trying to book a visit at the cake-factory =) as well, but they only accept visitors on weekdays, so we have to plan going there another time. I think we have rather good view of what the cake will taste like, but the look of the cake is another matter...

We will also go looking for underwear for me. Something that is comfy under the wedding dress.

Well, the weekend is fully planned.
We haven't broken the budget yet and plans is going easy.
Wonder when something out of the blue will hit us? Maybe when we get the price suggestion for the honeymoon I'm planning... that will for sure break the budget!
And we actually have a problem. My work will force me to take three weeks’ vacation when I don't want to, which means that I don't have enough days to cover the honeymoon *sigh* we can't afford to go on unpaid vacation and I would hate to limit the honeymoon!
This means that we might postpone the honeymoon to next spring...

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