Friday, March 19, 2010


Another small step towards the big day. We now have the florist booked and they will deliver the flowers to the site. It is just the bouquet and the corsage; all other flowers will be grown and arranged by us. The bouquet will look like a mix of these.

We also visited the gold smith and decided to start creating my ring. They will start with the gold ring and then I'll fit it and after that adding the stones. The ring will be a more petit version of this ring.

The underwear shopping was no big success. It ended with that I ordered my underwear at Asos and is now waiting for them to arrive. A wonder bra and spandex power panties =) Not the most wonderful to have under, but hopefully comfy.

We are also having discussions around the honeymoon. At the same time that we plan the wedding, we also renovate the kitchen. This renovation now threatening our budget for the wedding... it is not the wedding that is overrunning budget, but the kitchen! There for the honeymoon is under discussion. When is the big question and the other one is Where? And for How long?
Are we going for just a short trip this autumn or are we saving and going for a longer, but not too long or fancy trip in spring?? Well, we don't have to decide yet. Let’s see what the kitchen ends on first and then we can plan more seriously. We will know in a couple of weeks.


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