Sunday, December 27, 2009

Husby Säteri

We also visited the 'castle' where we will have the reception. Susy showed us around and answered all our questions. Susy liked our choice of colors for the wedding and she had some great suggestions for the flowers and the table setting.
The castle was very nice inside and I hope we will have a wonderful reception here. Some pictures:

From the outside with all snowy glory

And some from the inside

Wall paintings in the entrance hall

We will be able to accommodate all guests in the houses around the castle so they don't come inside before the wedding. We will also have the whole castle to ourselves during the weekend.
Now we have to decide upon a menu for the reception... any suggestions??


While in the area we took the chance to visit the church to see if it was open and we were lucky this time. It had fallen a lot of snow and the short trip by car to the church went through a fairytale landscape. The church was covered in a blanket of snow and looked so serene.

On the inside it was small and cozy, the perfect size for our wedding. Here are some pictures:

We also looked at the place where the wedding photos probably will be taken.

We talked to the photographer the other day and he was really nice and will be able to take the photos I'm wishing. He had a couple of albums with photos he had taken that he showed us and they all looked really nice. He was also open for suggestions and our ideas, just as important since we want to not go too traditional.

Shoes found

Yipee! I have found shoes for my wedding!! If you have followed my blog, you will know about my shoe-problems. Well, they seem to be solved now. As I mentioned in the previous post my fiancé and I was visiting his parents over the Christmas Holidays and we had time to do some shopping. It was really easy, we found them in the first shop we looked at, and they were on show in the shop-window.

Do you want to see some pictures? =) I thought so...

The heel is straight, so I'll be able to bling it... I'll also be able to tye a ribbon around the ankle if I want to.

And here is a close-up picture of the toe:

And here is the shoe together with the lilac color on the dress:

And do you know what is best of all?
They only cost about $30 =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ring.. reception.. and flowers!

Yes, a lot has been done in just a couple of days. We are visiting my fiancé's parents and we have visit Husby, the castle where the reception will be, we have also visit the goldsmith and been to the florist.

The florist didn't have time for us =( not to book a time before Christmas either, so we need to find another weekend when they can talk to us. I'm a bit disappointed, I had hoped for a better welcome and more interest from their side, so we might go looking for another florist. We haven't decided yet though...

The welcome at Husby, the castle where we will have the reception, was very warm. I liked our contact very much and she was really helpful. The castle was very beautiful (some pictures will be shown here after Christmas) and we will have the whole place for ourselves the whole weekend. Very nice!
We have some suggestions for the menu from Husby, but we are not satisfied with them so we will sit down and create a menue ourselves which was absolutely ok with them. We also got two bottles of wine to try!

The goldsmith was a really nice girl, she made a couple of drawings of what could be done with the engagement ring that I have (see picture here). We liked one of her designs very much and she will give us a price for it before Christmas. I hope it isn't too much... our budget for the ring isn't that big.... and I liked what she showed us a lot. In the design she didn't create one more ring, but adds on my engagement ring, so I need to give it to her a couple of weeks and can't wear it until the wedding. Hm. I might have to get a new engagement ring ;)

Tomorrow will we go looking for a frockcoat to my fiancé and maybe find shoes to me as well...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No shoes...

Now I don't have any shoes at all. The company did not send any pictures of heels that fitted the description, so I had to return the shoes and get my money back.
So now I have to find a replacement... not an easy task as I've mentioned before. The ones I like are no longer in production and the orange ones I found a while ago can't be found now! Really irritating!

I think I have looked at every bridal shoe shop on the internet and on all dance shoe once as well. I have also looked at places such as ASOS, Debenhams and others.

I have a picture of what I want, so I don't think it should be so hard, but it seems impossible to find anything like it.
These are my criteria:
The shoe should not be white, so Black, orange, purple etc.
The shoe should not have any big flower on the toes
The shoe should have a ankle strap and preferably a covered heel.
The toe should be rounded, covered or open.
If possible the heel should be straight and lower than 4" (10 cm) but higher then 2,5" (6 cm)

My fiancé and I is going to a bigger city tomorrow, and I'll hopefully have some time to look for shoes. We are also going to his parents over Christmas and maybe there will be some time for shopping there as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cake topper

My father called the other day and told me that he had fixed the cake topper. Hm, I wasn't aware that he was responsible for that! =)

Anyway, he has a very good friend, Kjell Engman, who is working at Kosta Boda making all sorts of glass sculptures and other glass pieces. Apparently he has made a bridal couple whom my father thinks should be on the wedding cake.
The couple is pretty nice in black and white glass.

I'm a bit worried though... the glass sculpture is 15 cm high and probably pretty heavy... will the cake cope with that?
Otherwise we will have to stand it on the side of the cake, but on the same table.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the difference between a hen’s night and a bridal shower?

The hen’s night (or bachelorette party) is the term most often used in UK and bridal shower is more often used in the US. But it is not only about the terms, the bridal shower and the hen’s night do differ in other ways as well.
The hen’s night is a night out with the girls, sometimes the whole day, with different activities.
In Sweden the hen’s night or Möhippa often include some form of dressing the bride up in funny clothes and doing the bar hopping. Sometimes the activities are on the embarrassing side of fun. The bride is kidnapped and should have no idea about what is going on.
The bridal shower on the other side is more a sophisticated event where the bride’s family and (female)friends gather, eat cake and give gifts to the bride that consist of things she may need in her home or at the wedding day and have a good time. This event is calmer than the hen’s night.

And since I love cake, you can guess which one I prefer! =)

Wedding flowers Part II

Here comes a follow up post on this post.

Astible – This is a perennial and it flowers rather late, some beginning in July and then keeps up the flowering for a long time, at least when the weather is not too hot and dry. They have long spires of flowers in white, pink and red. There are also some reddish purple colors. I already have some in the garden and if they are having a good year I might be able to bring some sprays. This flower is also rather easy to buy at the garden center, but they use to be in flower too early for the wedding.

Love in a mist – Nigella – is an annual flowering with interesting blue, white or pink flowers which leaves even more interesting seedpods that are very decorative. The seedpods often have a crème ground color streaked with green and purple. These are easy going and just to seed and forget.

©, Some Rights Reserved

Sunflower – Helianthus – No, not the sunny yellow sunflowers! They are way too yellow and don’t fit the color scheme. I’m thinking of the crème-white sunflowers of ‘Italian white’ or ‘Moonshadow’. These are not so huge either, which makes it easier to incorporate in flower arrangements with more dainty flowers.


Italian White

Tagetes – No, I’m not thinking of the bright yellows. Tagetes also comes in a creamy white color. This is my least favorite of the flowers I’m considering. But it can be good filler and it will stay fresh the whole day with minimum of water.

Ammi majus – This is probably a weed in some places, but it has beautiful flowers similar to the Swedish ‘Hundkäx’ (Anthriscus sylvestris). The flowers are white and the leaves are freshly green. The flowers are excellent fillers and very dainty. Might not be an excellent combination with the sunflowers though =)

Trachymene caerulea – This annual is very similar to Ammi majus, but in blue, white or pink.

Eschscholzia californica – This Californian poppy is also annual and is a very sweet flower. I love their interesting shape and sunny warm colors. I wish to have my front yard covered in this one day =) I’m not sure if they are a suitable cut flower? Anyone who is familiar with them?
They are at least easy going and I’ll give them a try. They like it on the hot, dry side.

Eryngium – A thistle! Yes, it is a bit prickly but it has a nice steely blue-green flower and stems. Some have a more whitish-green color. The flowers are peculiar and interesting. The plant is perennial or biennial and comes in different heights and shapes of the flower and leaves.

Photo copyright Richard Muller

Photo by Geoff Manley

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still looking for shoes

How hard can it be? I'm still looking for shoes... The company that should create mine hasn’t sent any pictures of the heel yet, so I'm looking for a back-up. But it isn't that easy to find =(

I think I've been through all images on goggle when you search for 'wedding shoes' 'bridal shoes' and 'bröllopskor' but haven't found anything that is as good as the one I had imagined. I have also looked at a lot of 'dancing shoes' liking the Latino Dance shoes. I have found a few I like in this category, but there are two things. First the colors... not much creativity there, most are black, a few white and then some brown-orange they call tan. Other colors like pink and purple do occur, but I don't like them. They have really nice red shoes though, so if you are interested in red shoes, do a search for Latino dance shoes... and be prepared to pay ;)
The price of these shoes is in the higher end... but I have found wedding shoes that are much more expensive... so it's just a question of your budget.
The second thing with the dance shoes is that they have a suede bottom. I'm not sure how happy this will be walking outside. It's a pity trashing the shoes at once. The pro is that these shoes probably are really comfy.

Well... my search continues. Where did you find your shoes? Please give me some ideas!