Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still looking for shoes

How hard can it be? I'm still looking for shoes... The company that should create mine hasn’t sent any pictures of the heel yet, so I'm looking for a back-up. But it isn't that easy to find =(

I think I've been through all images on goggle when you search for 'wedding shoes' 'bridal shoes' and 'bröllopskor' but haven't found anything that is as good as the one I had imagined. I have also looked at a lot of 'dancing shoes' liking the Latino Dance shoes. I have found a few I like in this category, but there are two things. First the colors... not much creativity there, most are black, a few white and then some brown-orange they call tan. Other colors like pink and purple do occur, but I don't like them. They have really nice red shoes though, so if you are interested in red shoes, do a search for Latino dance shoes... and be prepared to pay ;)
The price of these shoes is in the higher end... but I have found wedding shoes that are much more expensive... so it's just a question of your budget.
The second thing with the dance shoes is that they have a suede bottom. I'm not sure how happy this will be walking outside. It's a pity trashing the shoes at once. The pro is that these shoes probably are really comfy.

Well... my search continues. Where did you find your shoes? Please give me some ideas!

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