Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No shoes...

Now I don't have any shoes at all. The company did not send any pictures of heels that fitted the description, so I had to return the shoes and get my money back.
So now I have to find a replacement... not an easy task as I've mentioned before. The ones I like are no longer in production and the orange ones I found a while ago can't be found now! Really irritating!

I think I have looked at every bridal shoe shop on the internet and on all dance shoe once as well. I have also looked at places such as ASOS, Debenhams and others.

I have a picture of what I want, so I don't think it should be so hard, but it seems impossible to find anything like it.
These are my criteria:
The shoe should not be white, so Black, orange, purple etc.
The shoe should not have any big flower on the toes
The shoe should have a ankle strap and preferably a covered heel.
The toe should be rounded, covered or open.
If possible the heel should be straight and lower than 4" (10 cm) but higher then 2,5" (6 cm)

My fiancé and I is going to a bigger city tomorrow, and I'll hopefully have some time to look for shoes. We are also going to his parents over Christmas and maybe there will be some time for shopping there as well.

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