Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the difference between a hen’s night and a bridal shower?

The hen’s night (or bachelorette party) is the term most often used in UK and bridal shower is more often used in the US. But it is not only about the terms, the bridal shower and the hen’s night do differ in other ways as well.
The hen’s night is a night out with the girls, sometimes the whole day, with different activities.
In Sweden the hen’s night or Möhippa often include some form of dressing the bride up in funny clothes and doing the bar hopping. Sometimes the activities are on the embarrassing side of fun. The bride is kidnapped and should have no idea about what is going on.
The bridal shower on the other side is more a sophisticated event where the bride’s family and (female)friends gather, eat cake and give gifts to the bride that consist of things she may need in her home or at the wedding day and have a good time. This event is calmer than the hen’s night.

And since I love cake, you can guess which one I prefer! =)

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