Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding flowers Part II

Here comes a follow up post on this post.

Astible – This is a perennial and it flowers rather late, some beginning in July and then keeps up the flowering for a long time, at least when the weather is not too hot and dry. They have long spires of flowers in white, pink and red. There are also some reddish purple colors. I already have some in the garden and if they are having a good year I might be able to bring some sprays. This flower is also rather easy to buy at the garden center, but they use to be in flower too early for the wedding.

Love in a mist – Nigella – is an annual flowering with interesting blue, white or pink flowers which leaves even more interesting seedpods that are very decorative. The seedpods often have a crème ground color streaked with green and purple. These are easy going and just to seed and forget.

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Sunflower – Helianthus – No, not the sunny yellow sunflowers! They are way too yellow and don’t fit the color scheme. I’m thinking of the crème-white sunflowers of ‘Italian white’ or ‘Moonshadow’. These are not so huge either, which makes it easier to incorporate in flower arrangements with more dainty flowers.


Italian White

Tagetes – No, I’m not thinking of the bright yellows. Tagetes also comes in a creamy white color. This is my least favorite of the flowers I’m considering. But it can be good filler and it will stay fresh the whole day with minimum of water.

Ammi majus – This is probably a weed in some places, but it has beautiful flowers similar to the Swedish ‘Hundkäx’ (Anthriscus sylvestris). The flowers are white and the leaves are freshly green. The flowers are excellent fillers and very dainty. Might not be an excellent combination with the sunflowers though =)

Trachymene caerulea – This annual is very similar to Ammi majus, but in blue, white or pink.

Eschscholzia californica – This Californian poppy is also annual and is a very sweet flower. I love their interesting shape and sunny warm colors. I wish to have my front yard covered in this one day =) I’m not sure if they are a suitable cut flower? Anyone who is familiar with them?
They are at least easy going and I’ll give them a try. They like it on the hot, dry side.

Eryngium – A thistle! Yes, it is a bit prickly but it has a nice steely blue-green flower and stems. Some have a more whitish-green color. The flowers are peculiar and interesting. The plant is perennial or biennial and comes in different heights and shapes of the flower and leaves.

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Photo by Geoff Manley

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