Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding flowers Part I

I hope to be able to grow some of the wedding flowers myself. We have a rather big yard and one of my spare time interests is gardening. I also hope to get some help from the mother of my fiancé and my mother. The flowers will be used in the reception area and might also be used in the church depending on how well they will grow =)

The flowers that we will grow are

Dahlias – White pom-poms and decorative forms. Here it might be possible to add some orange to spice the color scheme up a bit. These will hopefully be in peak flower in August and they are very easy to grow, just put the tubers in the ground, water and wait.

Sweet peas – In different shades of lilac and also white and maybe pink. I hope these will flower as late as August. I haven’t grown so many sweet peas before, so I don’t remember how long they where going…

Stock – This annual has a lovely fragrance but is a bit hard to please. It doesn’t like hot summers so it might not be possible to keep it blooming until August. I’ll try to germinate them at different times during May and June and seed them at a place which gets a bit shade during the hottest hours.

Zinnias – Also an annual which comes in a sea of different flowers, most of them hot like red and pink, but hopefully will I find a color mix that fits our colors scheme a bit better. The shape of the flower is much like a Dahlia.

Amaranthus – This unusual annual will bring some flow to the flowers. The flowers of the Amaranthus are long tails of burgundy or green.

Gladiolus – This spiky flower is also pretty easy to grow, just put the small ‘bulb’ into the ground and wait. Here will we have loads of lilacs to choose between and of course whites.

To be able to bring all flowers to the wedding in good shape, I’m going to grow them in pots to be able to take the whole pot with me. We will probably leave for the destination a couple of days before the wedding.
More flowers for our wedding will be presented in coming posts.

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