Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nine months before the wedding

The time is running. The 14th of November was nine months before the wedding and this is what should have been done by then

Start a wedding folder - Well I have a folder on my computer with lots of wedding inspiration.

Work out the budget - Yep, done. Hope we can keep it =)

Build your wedding party - No, this isn't done yet... I know I won't have any bridesmaids or flower girls. My sister has promised to help me dress and take photos of the details during the dressing. We haven't asked the toastmaster yet... and my fiancé hasn't decided about whether to have a best man or not yet. Shame on us!
But I feel no pressure on this. It'll come with time.

Settle on a head count - Yep, we also have the guest list done.

Hire a planner, if desired - No planners in Sweden... we have to manage ourselves and I think we are doing great.

Book the ceremony site - Done

Book the officiant - Well, in Sweden the church (if marrying in church) fix this for you, or you have a very limit choice. We have wished for my fiancé's confirmation priest. Hopefully will she be available.

Book the reception site - Done

Research photographers, bands, florists and caterers - Photographer is more or less done, or at least will we meet one photographer at Christmas and hopefully I'll like his pictures. I'm a bit nervous about this because we don't have so many photographers to choose from and I want pictures in style with Jessica Claire =) So now you know how good he/she must be!

Insert vendor information into a master contact list - Done

Throw engagement party - Done. We had a small engagement party combined with my birthday party this summer. Here are some pictures from that event.

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