Friday, November 13, 2009

Wedding ring

Yes, I have started to think about my wedding ring. I was looking through Martha Steward Weddings magazine (the reception issue) yesterday to get some inspiration. There was a lot of advertising for different rings, but they are so big! The stones are huge! And there is also a lot of stones, on the sides and everything.

I know that our budget for the ring is very limited. This is a deliberate choice, since the ring doesn't means so much for me... don't get me wrong, the symbolism of the ring means a lot, but it can be more or less any ring.
I want it to fit our engagement rings though... We both have this engagement ring from Hellkes.

Yes, we both have an engagement ring. I don't think that is very common in the USA but in Sweden it is pretty common.
The engagement ring is in sterling silver and gold and I think a thin wedding ring in gold would complement the engagement ring. I still want a stone though, if budget allows... It doesn't have to be a diamond.
It might also be possible to customize the engagement ring so the stone is 'binding' the two rings together. I think that can be nice. The question is what form I want on the stone... (I'm not talking about the cut) I saw one very nice ring in the magazine. It was the 'Leaf' ring from Jack Kelege. Sorry, I can't find any good image of the ring, but have a look on page 86 in the magazine if you can get hold of it. If it was possible to just take the leaf and place that 'above' both the rings... I think we will have to go to a good goldsmith and see what they say.

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  1. In addition to discovering my ring in the cushions of the couch, I also found three pretzels, two Skittles and an questionable peanut that I fed to the dog.
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