Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guestlist and children

Most of the Save the date cards went with the post yesterday and today the phone has beeped more often than usual =) Lot of friends are surprised and whishes us good luck and looking forward to the wedding. I hope all of them will come, they have been carefully selected.
Our closest family (who already know our plans) won't have the save the date card until this weekend, when we are meeting them all for a birthday party.

I understand couples that get frustrated when it comes to the guest list. You want to share the wonderful day with everyone you know! But often the budget or the restriction of space for the reception is a problem.
In our case we can't invite more than 70 persons; the reception place won't fit in anymore. I have seen a lot of American weddings where the party has been outside in tents or just under a light canopy. This isn't very common in Sweden. Most weddings receptions are inside even in the summer and even though we thought about having the wedding in our garden, we quickly found out that the garden is way too small for so many people. It is a pity we won't be outside, but I think our 'castle' will be perfect =)

On our guest list are as many as 10 children from ages 0-11. I don't even like children... I hope it works out well. I rather spend my wedding day with my friends and their families then on my own, so all children are welcome. The older children will probably look really cute. Hopefully will we see a couple of princesses and maybe even a prince or two?

Now am I off to look through the wedding magazines I bought yesterday. I was in Stockholm for work and had time to source the bigger range of magazines.

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