Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help on the big day

Now, when the wedding is official will we start to ask people about some help on the big day.
I'll not have any bridesmaids or flower girl/boy, so that's easy. My fiancé might have a best man, but he is still thinking of it. Anyway we will walk together up the aisle, so no nervous dad to hand me over =)

But, we will still need some help. I'll need someone to help me with the dress and other small things on the wedding day and since I don't have any bridesmaids this will be an unofficial role. I have just asked my sister and am waiting for the reply. She will hopefully also be in charge of my camera and try to photograph all small details and my preparations.

We will also need some help at the reception with speeches and stuff. So we have a name for the toastmaster/madam and just need to ask. We haven't come around to that yet.

I hope my mom and my fiancé's mom will be able to help with the reception area and maybe also the church. There are flowers to arrange and the program and place cards...

My fiancé's mom will also be responsible for the brunch the day after the wedding. At this brunch the presents will be opened and there will be quite a few people present. So some nice food and dessert and a cozy area to be in... Oh, I must remember to find a dress for this happening.

Someone needs to pick up the cake (if it isn't delivered...) and the flowers... and there are probably more things I can't remember now. If you notice something I have forgotten, just leave a comment!

Oh, I nearly forgot! We need to ask my fiancé's cousins if they want to sing in church! They are two songbirds and I really hope they will do it for us.

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