Friday, November 6, 2009

Progress on the 'save the date' cards.

Yes, we are making progress. The design is finished, the mock-up done (and redone a couple of times), the different parts printed and glued together. All that is missing at the moment is a stamp and the wax seal.

We bought heavy lilac papers for the envelope and a crème paper for the paper with the text on. I had the Gazelle to cut out the envelopes and printed the address and the inside text on the printer. I think it turned out really well, but something was missing. It didn't feel anything special...
To add some sparkle and some texture, I added small dots of Stickles to the flowers. This really took the std card from good to great. It is in the details =) Sorry that is doesn't show up on the photos very well.

I'll take some photos of the finished card later tonight. Hopefully sharing the details.

I also want to show you this place card I've made. I got the idea from Etsy and it wasn't that hard to make yourself. If you have Photoshop it is just to find a brush of the motive you want, in this case a butterfly, and then either print them on paper and cut or import the picture to the Gazelle program and cut with the Gazelle.

It looks just like the butterfly is hovering above the glass. I'll use the Gazelle to print the name on the inside/upside of the wings.

The tricky thing is to get the butterfly to stay on the glass =)

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