Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My necklace and bracelet have arrived!

Last Friday did my necklace and bracelet finally arrive! I was soo excited when I opened the bubble wrap from PenniBelle. And they are amazing!! They are even better then what I had imaging. =) Thank so very much Lindy, you do a great job.

The lilac crystals are a dark shade of lilac and they will match nicely with the dress. We will get a cloth sample from the dress this week and I'll try to take some pictures of them together.

The weight of the necklace surprised me. It is a bit heavier then I though it should be and it feels very genuine. It fits perfectly around my neck, but I need to have the hair done in a way so the broach isn't covered by my hair. I think I'll bring it to the hairdresser together with the picture of the dress.

I can really recommend PenniBelle for bridal jewelry.

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