Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Theme and colors

Now, when we finally have started working on the Save the date cards we also settled for a color combination. Of course the Victorian Lilac is the main color and lilac in different shades will dominate the color scheme.
To add to this we have the ivory color from the wedding dress and probably black from the grooms clothes. To spice all up a little we have also added a thouch of dusky orange-yellow. This will be just a touch so it doesn't become too monotone and boring.
I envision something like this

I have also been thinking of a theme. I don't think we will have a pronounced theme for the wedding, but I want to get a feeling of this:
Pearls, Flowers, Luxury, Heavy fabrics (textures), Candlelight and Fragrance.

I hope we can pull this off without breaking the bank! =)
I'll present these words and colors for our vendors and hopefully they will come up with the best they can within our budget.

I'm planning on sowing and cutting many of the flowers for the ceremony and reception myself, together with my mother and my fiancé's mother. I'll tell in a later post what flowers I plan to grow =)

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