Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentinesday

14th of February, half a meter with snow and -4 degrees Celsius. Do you know that it is just 6 months!! to our wedding? Just half a year, time flies. I hope the weather is a bit (or much) warmer in August and the snow is exchanged with lot of flowers instead!

I wonder if we still are on track with the wedding plans... let see

Eight months before
• Book the photographer - Check
• Book entertainment - Check, DJ booked
• Register - Hm, I think in Sweden this has to be done no sooner than 3 month before the wedding
• Purchase a dress - I'll go measuring on Tuesday and order it after that. Exciting!
• Start meeting caterers - We have met with Husby Säteri and they will fix most things for us, but we'll still have to decide on a menu and how much flowers they should help us with.
• Reserve block of hotel rooms for guests - Check
• Launch a wedding website - We have started one, but it isn't launched yet. We want to wait until we are ready to send the invitations.

Six to seven months before
• Purchase invitations and hire a calligrapher - We will make our invitations ourselves. But I haven't ordered the paper for this yet... guess it is time to get started!
• Plan your honeymoon - Check, we have more or less decided, waiting for travel agency to come back with price suggestion and availability.
• Meet with the officiant - This have to wait a couple of more months. We hope to be able to meet him (yes, it will be a guy, not the officiant I was talking about in another post. She was on vacation when our wedding is to be) in May or something like that.
• Send save-the-date cards - Check, done a long time ago ;)
• Book a florist - Not done yet, but we will visit one within a couple of weeks.
• Procure transportation - We have our plans ready, just need to contact them and say which time he is needed.
• Start composing a day-of timeline - This isn't on paper yet, but I think we will have to start doing this soon =)

I also need to add that it is high time to start looking around for seeds and bulbs for the wedding flowers. Even though it doesn't look like spring outside my window it is high time to start sowing!
Off I am to look in seed catalogs =)

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