Sunday, September 27, 2009

Looking for a church

Today have we been around looking for churches in the vicinity of my fiancé's hometown. The one closes to the place we want to have the reception is a big church in stone and pretty ordinary looking for a Swedish church. I think it is kind of boring and way too big for our 'small' wedding.

After that church we drove some miles to a lovely small stone church close to the sea and with a lovely old architecture. I'm sooo in love.
It was a pity the church wasn't open, so we could only look from the outside, but my fiancé has been inside many times and he thinks it is just the right size and very beautiful.
Here are some pictures from the outside:

The bell tower:

From across the bay:

Now we need to contact the parish to see if they allow us to wed in the church and when it is free. Then we need to contact the owners of the castle where we want to have the reception.
Yes, we hope to be on a castle =)
Here are some borrowed photos:

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