Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Date decided

Just to let you know. We have decided a date for the wedding. It is so exciting and it feels like things are starting to get real. Nerves! =)

We have booked the church and the castle for the 14th of August 2010.
Still a lot can change and we still need to find the money to support this wedding, but the plans are getting really real.

Both I and my fiancé are excited and both spend time searching for information and talking about wedding details. I don't know about him, but my hardest time is to not tell everyone I meet about our plans. At the moment is it just his parents and brother and his wife and my parents who know. None of our friends are aware of it... yet.

I know we have to send out save the date cards soon, because our friends are living a very hectic life and need to be told asap so they can stop planning for something else on this date. Just need to set the budget (or find the way to fulfill the budget...)
I have started to look for designs for the invitations (I'll try to do them myself) but am struggling with the color theme. I know I'll have some dress with color in it but not what color. I have some clues though...

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