Thursday, October 8, 2009

Any dress...

...or maybe not. Actually it is pretty hard to pick a wedding dress.

As with any other dress it should fit your personality and style, but it should also be something extra. For us this extra was to add some color to the dress. Not just plain white.
Well, that shouldn’t be so hard today with all lovely dresses coming in different colors! And with my love for simple lines, a classic A-line dress suites the picture. After browsing through some old (very old) wedding magazines I had an image of the dress in my head.

My fiancé and I went to the big city and visit some of the shops selling beautiful dresses. Ohh, there was a lovely mermaid dress, but no additional color to the white. Yes, you can put a nice belt in any color around the waist, but my fiancé wants some more color.
A couple of shops later and very tired feet and a start to a headache we hadn't found anything both could agree on. Maybe I shouldn't have included him in the wedding dress plans... But still I want him to like my dress =)

Home again I started to browse through the internet in my search for a fitting wedding dress. And some couple of hours later I found it! And I love it and my fiancé loves it!
It is an Alfred Angelo dress number 1516 and it is a simple A-line just as I was looking for. Here is a picture of the dress:



Now it is just to choose the perfect color! And to find a shop that sells this wonderful creation.

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