Friday, October 23, 2009

Weddingflowers part 2

Just though I should show you some of the nice wedding flowers I've been seeing during my inspirational tour on different websites and blogs.

The first one is a simple bouquet with sweet peas, stock and roses. I particularly like the color scheme and the form and ribbons on this one. I think it is my favorite.

This is also a lovely bouquet in the same color scheme as the one above.

Then we have a nice rose bouquet in hot yellow. I love the color but it is a bit too much for my color scheme. I LOVE the grass and the small details such as the pearls and lace or ribbon.

Here are some with trailing designs, but not too much. I like the round form, but my fiancé likes a more trailing form, so maybe something in between in style with these?

The design on this bouquet is a bit different, but I don't like the color on the roses and I think I would like some more flowers in my bouquet.

This one also has a wonderful design

And I also found a table decoration that would fit perfect in front of the bride and groom.

I nearly can't wait until I get to speak with the florist. That’s the problem when you are living away from the area where the wedding shall be. All contact with local suppliers has to be done in such a concentrated form, and maybe not when you are in full mood for planning.
We will try to be able to look at the castle, visit the person who should fix the hair and hopefully the make-up as well, visit florists to choose one and talk about the bouquet design and also make a visit to the church to have a look inside. *phu*
And I have probably already forgotten something.... oh, yes; we need to visit someone who has grooms outfits as well. All this should be squeezed in into a couple of days and hopefully before or just after Christmas!

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