Thursday, October 15, 2009

Looking for inspiration

I'm out looking for inspiration. There are lots of nice american wedding blogs. But I must admit, they are a bit... American =). It is a pity that we in Sweden don't have the interest from the vendors and others to support blogs about weddings. Have you seen any Swedish weddingblog like this? Green Weddingshoes
This is a good start if you want to see more weddingblogs from America.

Anyway, on my trip around American weddingblogs I found a link to this WONDERFUL necklace!! Just look:

It is a girl at Etsy who creates these pieces of jewelery. Her shop is named Penellibelle. I felt I just had to have this. So I contacted her and started talking to her and now she is making a custom necklace and bracelet just for me! I'm soooo excited!! Here is the moodboard we put together, notice the colored crystals that will be in a lilac color.

The bracelet will have the simpler brooch and will have two strand of pearls.

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