Saturday, October 10, 2009

At the bridal shop

It took some time, and I was near to give up, but at last did I find the shop! It was hidden inside a barbershop...
I went in and was told that the shop had moved and just the old inventory was left to look at. Ohh no, I was so looking forward to try the dress and talk wedding dresses with the owner.
But, it wasn't as dark as it looked like. The owner of the bridal shop has just moved to her own place a couple of hundred meters away, and the shop should be open. So I hurried away across the square and found the small shop.

I was warmly welcomed by a very nice young lady and she started listen to my whishes. She didn't have the dress in the shop, so I couldn't try it on, but she had a flower girl dress in the same cut and with the same (but smaller) trail as the dress I've been looking at. The fabric is satin and very thick and heavy feel to it. It felt luxurious. The color in the trail was red and a very nice color, but not 'my' color.
She also had a wedding dress from the same manufacture (Alfred Angelo) in the shop so now I have a pretty good feeling for the quality of the dress. She also showed pictures of some other dresses with color so I could get a feeling for what I really want. I must tell you that I stick to the Alfred Angelo number 1516 dress. It seems so lovely on the pictures and the quality of their dresses also seems lovely.
The shopkeeper had color samples and I and her spent more than an hour trying to decide a color for me =) We eliminated all pinks, the lighter colors and most of the greens. The red was also eliminated after some while. Left was blue, bluegreen and purple. Here is a link to the color chart.

I do like the Victorian Lilac color very much, but I also like Riviera Sky (a bit too light maybe), Eggplant (too dark??), Indigo and Tealness. Tealness match my eyecolor very well.
My fiancé will have to come with me and have a look at the color samples. I can't wait....

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