Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In search of shoes

Argh! I one of them that have a love hate feeling toward shoes. They should look great and they should feel great and that often don't come in the same package so to say.
When it comes to wedding shoes my hopes isn't very high to find anything I like. Either do they have sky high heels or no heels at all. Either are they very pointing in the front or very round, looking kind of childish. Just look at these (pictures borrowed from Dreambride:

So when Annette at Dreambride told me that she had contact with a shoe manufacture that create the shoe just as you want them I became a bit relieved actually. The manufacture's/shoe's name is Melody and the price is very competitive.

So all I had to do now was to decide how the shoe should look. That’s all...
Well, my imagination isn't that creative so what I did was starting to search the internet for a nice-looking shoe.
I found some... what do you think of these?

I also found this one which is the one I'm going to custom order:

I will have the heel about 6 cm high and I'll also have the ankle band a bit wider. Then we comes to colors again! You can have the shoe made to 'custom' color. At least you can choose between a lot of different colors. Of course the lilac color I have in the dress is hard to match and I don't dare to go for any other lilac or purple color since they kind of remove the brightness from the lilac in the dress. I don't want white/ivory shoes since then you can't use them again without everyone thinking about wedding. I hope to be a bit economic here and be able to use the shoe again in other affairs.
I limited the choice to silver, gold and black. The dress is so long so the shoe won't show if I don't pull the dress up. Most important for me is that the shoe, if I choose for example black, don't show in church. I think I have shocked my mother and mother-in-law enough by having color in the dress ;)
Silver and Victorian Lilac have we already discussed in this post. The gold is looking kind of yellowish. I'm not very happy with the color sample giving poor guidance.

I'll go for a safe card and choose black! In this way I have all possibilities to use the shoe again and I might shock anyone when I get in and out of the car or up a stair =)
To make the shoe a bit more sparkling, I'll add silver glitter on the loops just like on these shoes:

What do you think?? I hope they are comfy enough!

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