Friday, October 16, 2009

Still in the bridal shop

Yes, we are still in the bridal shop trying to decide which color to have on the wedding dress.

My fiancé likes Eggplant best, Annette, the shop owner likes Tealness, and I like Victorian Lilac.

Annette suggested that I would try the one Alfred Angelo dress she had in the shop on and then we could see the colors both on the dress and against my skin and hair. Said and done. We picked the dress and I jumped in. Well, not as much jumping. The dress was size 36 and I'm at least size 40, so we couldn't close the dress in the back, but we hold it up in the front so we could have a look. Thanks Annette for your help!!
So standing there with a big wedding dress in a small area with two helpers and very bright light I was trying to decide which color. Not an easy task, but my fiancé helped a lot. We changed a lot between colors, even the ones we had excluded beforehand and after at least half an hour we had decided.
Do you want to know??

Ok. I'm going to have Victorian Lilac =) It is not too dark, not too light and I like the color. The kind of grayness speaks to me and together with the Ivory in the dress they color doesn't look grey.
But, my fiancé can't have a silver frockcoat as we had talked about. Together with silver the lilac color will just become a grey mess. So I think we opt for black and ivory. The cravat will be in Victorian Lilac. We will buy a piece of cloth from Alfred Angelo and have it specially made for him. I think it will look great!

Here is a fake picture of the dress with the Victorian Lilac color. It isn't good, but it'll give a hint of where we are going.

Front (actually from a very similar dress but not number 1516):


And here is the color sample close up:

It feels good to have decided color for the dress. We also decided to go for Ivory in the white. I like the really sparkling white of pure white, but in the middle of the summer hopefully with a bright sun it can become too much.

Now I'm off looking for inspiration for the other parts... need shoes, a clutch, flowers, still need to do the invitations so I have to decided colors and style.
Anyone out there who has a clue what color to compliment the Victorian Lilac with? If so, just leave a comment!

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