Thursday, October 8, 2009

What should he wear?

Now, when we have a plan for my wedding dress it is time to start looking for something for my fiancé to wear.

I think it is very classic and beautiful with the penguin suit, sorry, I mean the dress suit! =) But it puts some requirements on the guests... Should they also wear dress suit?
I would like to see my father in one ;) For the first is he a bit round around the belly and for the second is a dress suit not in his taste. For the third... a dress suit costs money that probably are not available. The same is true for many of our guests, so I think we will go for something simpler.
Another very good reason to not choose a dress suit is that the wedding is in the middle of the summer. A dress suit gets pretty hot and it is not very stylish to take the coat of.
This also limits the colors for the groom to mostly black and white...

The second alternative is the frockcoat. This is longer than an ordinary jacket and often has a waistcoat and a cravat. The cravat and waistcoat makes it possible to match the colors in my wedding dress.
This also looks very stylish! Just look at these examples:

To keep within budget I think we need to rent his cloths. But he will need a pair of new shoes at least and then some accessories.

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