Friday, October 16, 2009

Another visit to the bridal shop

Tonight my fiancé and I visited the bridal shop Dreambride again. We should try to decide the color of the dress. Both the white one and the color. So many choices! So hard!
As usual Annette, the owner of the shop, greeted us and we had a look at some shoes and clutches she had picked together for me. The shoes was very simple and looked really nice, but was too big. The clutch was also to big... Who wants to have a long package under her arm? This was nearly 30cm long, way too long for me. All other clutches was... well not in my taste either. So no luck there, I had hoped to find something nice for a bargain.

We moved on to the tiaras. I have decided I want a tiara and no veil. I want something to match the necklace, but it shouldn't be too much. We had a look at the newly income tiaras and sure, they were pretty, but I'm not in the mood to pay about 1000 Swedish crowns (100$) for a tiara. That would certainly break my bank. Lucky I, Annette had some tiaras left from the old shop which is now on sale. I found a gorgeous one. Maybe not the best handcraft, but who cares? I should only have it a couple of hours and if you don't look on the back it looks sparkling and just wonderful.

I'll post a picture here later... and here it is, better late then never.

Now time to move on to the dress =)
I showed the flower girl dress that so reminded about the wedding dress I've been looking at for my fiancé. He had already seen pictures of the real dress on the internet, but as you know, that is not the same as feeling the dress!
I wouldn't dare to buy a wedding dress over the internet without having been to a shop and feel the quality first.
Anyway. He liked the dress just as much as I and Annette showed him the color samples. A lot of colors to choose from! I showed him which colors I had excluded and why. We where choosing between Tealness, Eggplant, Riviera Sky and Victorian Lilac. Riviera Sky was removed almost immediately. It was too light and did nothing to my skin or eyes. Tealness enhances my eyes very well but I'm not overly fond of the color. My fiancé thought Victorian Lilac was too light and too grey. And yes, I must admit, the color is grey looking when compared with the other lilac colors in the color sample.
But, and this is very important! We held the colors up one by one towards an Ivory dress and they change. It is as if you changes the light in the room or removes all other colors. Toward that white they all looked sparkling and lively. But we still couldn't decide. My fiancé likes the Eggplant best; I think it is too dark.

... will continue in next post...

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