Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something warm

It is getting a bit cold outside and I thought that sometimes it can be a bit cold late at night in August as well. On the other hand it can be a lovely summer’s night but lots of mosquitoes. Something to cover the shoulders might not be such a bad idea... It shouldn't be too warm, but still not too thin.
My first though fell on a bolero of some kind, but a bolero is not my favorite directly... Very small and hard to get in and out of =) To get inspiration I headed over to etsy and started looking for something fitting (wedding/clothing category).

It didn't take long until I found something called a capelet, which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. A short version of a cape which is closed by a button or brooch in the front.
It also seems like capelets are in fashion at the moment, Just take a look at this blog.

Hmm... I'm not very good at knitting but maybe my mother could do something like that... just need to find a knitting-pattern. What can a capelet be called in Swedish?? After some googling I found something. It is called 'Axelvärmare' in Swedish and I have found some nice patterns here:

This isn't so bad either:

I also found some others... I hope I can get someone to knit any of them for me.

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